Families Living with Addiction & Recovery

WHO SHOULD COMPLETE THE SURVEY? Anyone who considers themselves a family member, friend or loved one of a person who uses or is in recovery from alcohol and other drugs problems is encouraged to complete the survey.

Families ASAP

Provides no-cost services to families and their children/adolescents in New Mexico with mental health and/or brain injury challenges.

One Hundred Percent

100% of our staff are parents who have raised or are raising a child with mental health or brain injury challenges.

A Different Journey

Being a parent of a child/youth with mental health or brain injury challenges can send you down an often difficult and frustrating path of services and systems.  There is a definite change and the path you thought you were on suddenly changes for the parent(s) and the child/youth.


If you are a parent, legal guardian to a youth with mental health or brain injury challenges or a child with juvenile justice, child welfare, or alternative school involvement, Families ASAP is here to help.

Programs and Services

Families ASAP staff will partner with you to locate services, supports, programs, and skill-building opportunities, all focused on helping you be an informed and empowered parent. Our staff will partner with you to ensure your child is receiving a free and appropriate education.

How Can We Help?

Families ASAP is a non-profit organization supported by donations and grants. Together we can focus on what matters – your family’s wellness.

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Families ASAP

Promoting Family Voice and Choice

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